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What is NEM (XEM) - NEM currency explained

NEM is a blockchain project that is developed to help companies and industries to improve things like payments and logistics.

NEM was launched on March 31, 2015, symbol XEM.

It’s trying to differentiate itself from other popular cryptocurrencies by making its blockchain highly customizable.

How to buy NEM - NEM coin price live, price live charts, market cap, and supported exchanges

NEM blockchain works as the company described the "smart asset system"

“Smart Assets systems” are the kind of tools that NEM uses to handles business data. "Smart asset systems" help to use NEM as if it were a custom blockchain built to handle your assets.

The “Smart Asset System” can be broken down into four attributes


Addresses are the containers that hold coins, contracts, or the business records. These containers could be something like a user’s account which holds coins or something like a carton to be shipped, or the document to be authorized.


Namespaces let you create a dedicated place to keep your assets on the NEM blockchain, thus giving your assets an identification and make the assets easy to use and credible.


Mosaics is something like a digital item or digital token. It may be something like a coin, stock shares, a signature, a status update or more.


Transactions let you transferring assets(Mosaics) between Addresses or transferring the ownership of Addresses

This is the list of NEM potential use cases as describes on its website.

  • Financial services companies can use NEM blockchain for instant payments
  • Creating your Own Cryptocurrency without the knowledge of a single piece of code. You can set your own coin transaction fee.
  • XEM the native cryptocurrency of NEM blockchain can be used for the online payment. NEM blocks take 60 seconds to complete, making transactions confirm swiftly
  • NEM can be used for mobile payments because of the fast transaction time and low fee.
  • The network has launched a fixed amount of XEM, hence it will never cause inflation and will maintain asset liquidity. Every transaction on the public blockchain requires a small transaction fee, ensuring demand for XEM coins over time
  • NEM can also be used for escrow services.
  • According to the company, you can also create your own payment system like PayPal. One of the few examples of this is NEMPay app which is an open source payment application that allows anyone to use the blockchain for peer to peer payments.

NEM seems to be a more stable cryptocurrency than its competitors especially Ethereum for building new applications with support for real business models.

As Litecoin and Bitcoin are designed to be used as Fiat currencies whereas NEM is not developed to be used as the Fiat currency. It is a payment transactional platform for the businesses

But NEM still faces a lot of challenges as its main competitor Ethereum has a very strong grip on the market and is second most tradeable cryptocurrency in the coinexpansion market

NEM is priced around $0.09 to $0.15 and 18th tradeable cryptocurrency on Coinexpansion market

How to buy Nem with every possible payment method ( Listed Below one by one)


1.How to buy Nem with a credit card

  • Changelly – Changelly is the best Instant Cryptocurrency exchange to buy Nem with a credit card directly
  • Indacoin – Indacoin is another instant crypto exchange to buy Nem with a Credit card, Payza, Unipay, Bank transfer, and OkCash directly

Another way to buy Nem with a credit card is :-

First, buy Bitcoin with a credit card at exchange, Coinmama exchange, or Coinbase exchange directly. Then Exchange Bitcoin with Nem at Binance Exchange

  • is the most recommended exchange to buy Nem with a Credit (debit) card Indirectly(Get 30% deposit Bonus on depositing $100 or more) exclusively for Coinexpansion users ( Best Exchange for US and Indian users)
  • Coinmama is the second most recommended exchange to buy Nem with a Credit card (Indirectly)

An indirect method involves three steps.

The first step – Buying Bitcoin with the required payment method from the Bitcoin exchange (Which accepts that payment method). (In this case required payment method is a credit card)

The second step – Then transferring the Bitcoin to Cryptocurrency trading platforms (which has a large number altcoins to trade including the required altcoin ) example Binance exchange.

The third step – Then Exchanging Bitcoin with the required altcoin at a minimal to no fee. (In this case rquired altcoin is Nem)

2. How to Buy Nem with PayPal

Huobi Pro is the best Exchange to buy Nem with Paypal. First, deposit the funds with Paypal to your HuobiPro account then buy Nem using the account funds.

The second method – You can also buy Nem with Paypal indirectly ( Recommended)

First, Buy Bitcoin with Paypal at Local Bitcoins exchangeThen Exchange Bitcoin with Nem at Binance Exchange


3. How to buy Nem with Neteller

Exmo is the best Exchange to buy Nem with Neteller directly

If you are unable to Buy Nem with Neteller at Exmo (Due to some reason)

Then you can buy Nem with Neteller Indirectly

First, Buy Bitcoin with Neteller at Local Bitcoins exchange. Then Exchange Bitcoin with Nem at Binance Exchange


4. How to buy Nem with Skrill

Buy Nem with Skrill at Exmo Exchange directly.

If you are unable to buy Nem with Skrill at Exmo Exchange (due to some reason)

Then as I stated above, You can buy Nem with Skrill Indirectly

First, Buy Bitcoin with Skrill at Local Bitcoins exchange. Then Exchange Bitcoin with Nem at Binance Exchange


5. How to buy Nem with Payza

Exmo or Indacoin exchange is the best Exchange to buy Nem with Payza directly.

The Second method – You can also buy Nem with Payza Indirectly

First, Buy Bitcoin with Payza at Local Bitcoins exchange. Then Exchange Bitcoin with Nem at Binance exchange


6. How to buy Nem with Bank transfer and SEPA

HitBTC is the best Exchange to buy Nem with Bank transfer and SEPA directly

The second way to buy Nem with Bank transfer and SEPA is (Indirect)

First, Buy Bitcoin with Bank transfer and SEPA at one of the three Exchanges i.e., Coinmama, and Coinbase ExchangeThen Exchange Bitcoin with Nem at Binance Exchange

  • is the most recommended exchange to buy Nem with Bank transfer and SEPA indirectly. (Get 30% deposit bonus for depositing $100 or more)
  • Coinmama is the second most recommend exchange to buy Nem with Bank transfer and SEPA indirectly

7. How to buy Nem with Bitcoin and altcoins

  • Binance Exchange – The most renowned cryptocurrency exchange to Buy Nem with Bitcoin and altcoins at the cheapest price. ( Cheapest Cryptocurrencies price in the Cryptocurrency exchange market)
  • Cryptopia – The second best exchange to buy Nem with Bitcoin and altcoins directly.

8. How to buy Nem with Cash

Coinmama exchange is the best exchange to buy Nem with Cash.

If Coin is not supported by Coinmama exchange then buy Nem with Cash indirectly.

First, buy Bitcoin with Cash at Coinmama Exchange. Then Exchange Bitcoin with Nem at Binance Exchange

Local Bitcoins exchange and Paxful Exchange can also be used to buy Nem with Cash Indirectly

8. How to buy Nem with other payment methods (every imaginable payment method)

You can always buy Nem with payment methods like Amazon gift cards, Go Daddy Coupons, E-bay gift cards, Country-specific Payment methods, and other non-conventional payment methods at Local Bitcoins exchange (Indirectly)

First, Buy Bitcoin with the required payment method at Local Bitcoins exchange or Paxful ExchangeThen Exchange Bitcoin with Nem at Binance Exchange

Best Nem wallet

Always use Hardware wallet to store Nem coin securely. Hardware wallets provide full proof security to the coins. There is no way someone can breach the security of a hardware wallet.

If you are looking to play long in the cryptocurrency world. Then you must consider buying at least one of the below-listed hardware wallet (highly recommended)

  • Ledger Nano S – Ledger is the cheapest hardware wallet available in the cryptocurrency market. It has unparallel security features and easy to use Interface. Without a doubt the best hardware wallet to store Nem currency. (using it since December 2016)
  • Trezor – Trezor is the second best hardware wallet to store Nem currency securely. Trezor supports most number of altcoins in the hardware wallet industry. Although it is $10 expensive than Ledger still it is a value to money device. ( Using it for 2.5 years)

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