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Coinexpansion is a budding cryptocurrency blog.

Coinexpansion rose from zero to 500k Alexa rank within four months of its launch.

But Unfortunately, I (Author & the Owner) met with an accident and consequently the site growth was halted for 3 months as I suffered serious injuries.

As I recovered from that unfortunate event. Coinexpansion is again on the path of big success and growing rapidly with every passing day.

We are constantly looking for skilled Crypto content writers. Who can write informative and descriptive content on the topic related to Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology?

There is two option to become a part of the coinexpansion team.

  1. First, as a full-time crypto content writer (Get Paid monthly)
  2. The second is to write a guest post for the platform and get due credit for the work

Requirements (crypto content writer)

  • Should be strongly familiar with the Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology
  • You must be comfortable with research and produce a high-quality analysis of certain topics consistently.
  • You should be able to transform the complexity of the blockchain technology in an effective and easy to understand way.
  • A strong desire to grow with the Coinexpansion brand.
  • Should able to produce 10 to 15 articles per month.
  • The writer will be paid at the end of each month ( The price varies $5 to 20$ per article depending on the quality of the content) 
  • If your work produces positive results there is an opportunity to become a permanent shareholder in the revenue generated by the coinexpansion brand.

The requirements for a guest post

  • The article should be related to Altcoins, Exchanges, ICO, Crypto trading, and other blockchain technology topics.
  • The article should be more than 1000 words
  • The article should elaborate the topic completely (No half-hearted attempt)
  • The writer will receive the due credit for his/her work

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