5 legit ways to earn litecoin – best Litecoin faucet 2020

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5 best ways to earn Litecoin – Best Litecoin faucet 2019

Legit ways to earn Litecoin - best Litecoin faucet 2018

Litecoin is priced at $80 to $90 which can look low in comparison to Bitcoin but the value of Litecoin by no means lesser than Bitcoin. This article features 5 legit ways to earn Litecoin including a list of 8 best Litecoin faucet (which is one of the easiest ways to earn free Litecoin)

Before getting into details let me share a light at the Litecoin currency.

Litecoin has been a distant competitor to Bitcoin.

Although it is low priced in comparison to Bitcoin it is considered to be as one of the Bitcoin potential alternatives.

Litecoin is also an open source pear-to-pear popular cryptocurrency and works on its own blockchain technology same as the Bitcoin.

Litecoin has a faster block generation rate hence offers a fast transaction confirmation. In short, the Litecoin network practically has zero commission and allows users to send or receive payment 5 times faster than Bitcoin. Litecoin has a market cap of $4,575,892,003 and currently trading at $80 to $90 on best cryptocurrency exchanges.

I will list one by one 5 best ways to earn Litecoin at minimal or no investment.

Litecoin faucet is the first and easiest way to earn Litecoin on the list. Litecoin faucet is a website which rewards a fraction of Litecoin in terms of ‘Litoshi’ (smallest unit of Litecoin, 1 Litecoin = 10000000 litoshi) for visiting their web page and solving a captcha.

Litecoin faucet makes money by publishing the ads on their website or by Litecoin mining. But not every Litecoin faucet is legit in fact, 90% of them are scams. Most Litecoin faucets either do not pay or even if they pay then not on time and their platform is flooded with thousands of irritating pop-up ads.

In this article, I will list 8 Best Litecoin faucets which pay instantly, without pop-up ads, and are trusted by cryptocurrency faucet community.

It is very easy to claim from a Litecoin faucet. First, you need to enter your Litecoin wallet address then solve the captcha and click on the claim button that it!. You have earned free Litecoin which will be instantly paid to your Litecoin wallet address.

There is a restriction on the number of times a user can claim from the Litecoin Faucet. Each best Litecoin faucet allows a user to claim again after the completion of that fixed time gap. It can be 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 30 minutes or an hour.

You will come across two words quite often in the below list of 8 Best Litecoin faucet ( Faucet hub and Coinpot)

Faucet Hub and Coinpot is a Micro wallet or a micropayment service. Which is a website that accumulates your earned Litecoin and other cryptocurrencies? Faucets associated with micro wallet are legit, instant paying, and no withdrawal limit Litecoin faucet.

Create your wallet address

8 Best Litecoin faucet to earn free Litecoin 2019

1. Moon Litecoin

moonlitecoin faucet best litecoin faucet one of the legit ways to earn litecoin free

Moon Litecoin is first on the list of 8 Best Litecoin faucet to earn free Litecoin.

Moonlitecoin is a Litecoin faucet of Moonbitco.in group which is one of the reliable bitcoin faucets in the faucet industry and highly trusted.

Moonlitecoin allows a user to claim every 5 minutes and earned Litecoin are instantly sent to your coinpot account attached litecoin wallet address

It offers 25% referral commission and up to 100% daily claim bonus. It means if you claim at least once a day you will receive 1% more of your claimed account. The daily claim bonus will increase 1% a day.

It literally means your claimed amount will double after 100 days as you will receive a 100% bonus. Create a free account with Moonlitecoin and start your journey to earn free litecoin.

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2. Allcoins.pw

allcoins.tw faucet best litecoin faucet to earn litecoin free

Allcoins.tw is the second-best Litecoin faucet on the list of best Litecoin faucets to earn free Litecoin.

I am a total fan of this faucet. Its interface is amazing there are no pop-up ads. On top of this, It is a multi-coin faucet where you can earn more than 25 cryptocurrencies.

It provides tons of ways to earn litecoin free. Like, you can earn Litecoin while playing games, completing the survey, clicking on the ads, chatting with other online users, mining bitcoins with your browser, and more to add extra “litoshi’ in your Litecoin wallet.

The faucet also has an inbuilt exchange where you can exchange one cryptocurrency to others in a matter of seconds. They also offer a 25% referral commission and up to 100% daily claim bonus.

There is also a weekly litecoin lottery contest conducted by the platform

It is a must join litecoin faucet and by far one of the best Litecoin faucet I ever encountered.

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3. Cointiply

cointiply faucet best litecoin faucet to earn free litecoin

Cointiply is another amazing site to earn Litecoin free. Although it is a premium high paying Bitcoin faucet.

But I am compelled to mention the Cointiply in the best Litecoin faucet list because of its premium features.

It has an amazing interface with no pop-up ads and tons of ways to earn altcoins.

It allows claiming Litecoin every 60 minutes.

There are tons of ways to earn altcoins from this site like hundreds of interesting games, PTC ads, Mining game, Offerwalls, Surveys, lottery contest, watch videos, and more.

Cointiply offers 25% referral commission.

It also offers daily claim bonus up to 100% if you claim daily at least once as it was the case in the Moonlitecoin faucet.

Its interface is amazing with no irritating pop-up ads, payment is instant to Faucet Hub, and it is very easy to navigate on this website.

Cointiply is a must join Faucet. If you want to earn free Litecoin then this site won’t harm your cause

Sign up now to receive a sign-up bonus

4. FreeLitecoin

free litecoin one of the best litecoin faucet to earn litecoin free

Free Litecoin is a pure Litecoin faucet and ranked fifth on the list of 7 best Litecoin faucet.

Free Litecoin allows you to claim every 60 minutes.

It also offers the Hi-Lo Dice Game where you can multiply your earned Litecoin.

But I will always suggest staying away from such games.

Because you will lose your claimed Litecoin most of the time.

There is a self-made strategy which I have been using in Freebitco.in to increase my earning (only 1% to 2% of the amount in a day). I will upload a video of the strategy soon.

But for now, I will suggest staying away from Dice games.

Or don’t invest Litecoin which you can’t afford to lose.

There is a weekly Litecoin lottery contest organized by the faucet and it offers 50% referral commission for a lifetime

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5. Litecoin-faucet

Litecoin faucet one of the best Litecoin faucet to earn Litecoin free

Litecoin-Faucet is one of the best Litecoin faucets and ranked sixth on the list of best Litecoin faucet to earn Litecoin free.

It allows you to claim 661 “litoshi” every 240 minutes. There is a daily Litecoin lottery contest organized by the faucet. It also offers a 25% referral commission.

Most important thing is that it pays instantly to your faucethub attached wallet address.

The interface is very easy to navigate and there are no irritating pop-up ads.

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6. Instant LTC

Instant ltc one of best bitcoin faucet to earn free litecoin

Instant LTC is a Litecoin faucet which I discovered 5 days ago

I was amazed by the interface of the platform There are no irritating pop-up ads. Even banner or text ads are also very limited. The platform is super clean.

instant ltc one of the best litecoin faucet to earn litecoin

Instant ltc allow you to claim every 5 minutes. The claimed amount is quite high compared to other best Litecoin faucet. You can check the amount after a certain interval of time in the below figure.

The platform also provides a few extra bonuses which can add up to 400% per claim.

  1. Faucet offers daily loyalty bonus which can be increased up to 100%. If you claim at least once a day.
  2. Mystery bonus (which is a random amount) added with every claim
  3. Mining bonus is the amount of litoshi a user mine with his/her PC. It is only applicable if you chose to mine Litecoin with your system power via the faucet.

Payout threshold is 500000 Litoshi which is sent directly to your Litecoin wallet address each Sunday.

Instant LTC offer 15% referral commission. In conclusion, Instant LTC is another gem on our list of best Litecoin faucet to earn free Litecoin.

Note – Although I am not a big fan of altcoin faucets because it takes time to build a substantial income. But these above Litecoin faucets along with best Ethereum faucets, and high paying Bitcoin faucets are awesome. It takes milli-second to claim from a faucet.

There are no pop-up ads, Interface is easy to navigate, Instant paying and most importantly they are trusted by the cryptocurrency community. Remember you haven’t invested a penny so whatever you earn will be a pure profit.

There are few other Litecoin faucet which is primarily Litecoin Gambling and Litecoin Betting site integrated with Litecoin faucet. I listed these Litecoin Gambling and Litecoin Betting site in the 5th section of the article.

Note – Try to claim at least once a day from all these best Litecoin faucets. It won’t take more than 10 minutes.

If you are free you can claim as much as you want, play games, participate in the lottery contest and try to get as many referrals as you can. In the end, whatever you earn will be a pure profit.

By the passing time, the amount also becomes substantial if you are consistent enough.

2. Trading Litecoin to earn Litecoin

Second Legit way to earn Litecoin is by trading Litecoin on the best cryptocurrency exchanges. Litecoin trading is the most efficient ways to earn Litecoin with investment.

The first basic way to trade Litecoin is to buy and hold. It is also called long-term crypto trading where a user Buys the Litecoin on the current price and then hold it for days, months or years and sell the coin when the price increases.

Another way of trading Litecoin is short-term trading where a user buys the Litecoin and sell it in a matter of a few minutes, hours or a day.

A cryptocurrency trader generally uses this method when an asset is most volatile. This method uses technical trading signals to look for the turning point in short-term trends. Traders make the profit on the swing of the price of Litecoin whether it is upward or downward.

There is another way of trading Litecoin which is Litecoin CFD trading. CFD means Contracts For Difference.  CFD trading is a contract between a buyer and a seller.

Litecoin CFDs trading allow you to speculate on the price of Litecoin future market movements, without actually buying or owning it.

Traders whether buying or selling are able to agree to pay on the difference on the price even if it rises or falls. Hence, they can tap into the benefits and risks without actually owning the coin.

Another benefit of CFD trading is that usually, CFD trading platform provides high leverage (generally it stays 1:300). It means if you invest 10$ Litecoin you can trade up to $3000 worth Litecoins.

Best Litecoin trading platforms to earn Litecoin

Bitmex –

  1. Bitmex is the best margin trading platform
  2. Support leverage up to 1:300
  3. Reputed and advanced trading platform


  1. One of the best altcoin trading platform.
  2. Support Litecoin futures trading
  3. Buy Litecoin with credit card instantly

Avatrade – 

  1. Allows you to trade CFD Litecoin
  2. 40% deposit bonus
  3. Advanced trading platform
  4. Regulated & authorized
  5. Offers leverage up to 1:400


  1. Allows Litecoin CFD trading
  2. high leverage up 1:300
  3. Regulated and authorized
  4. Advanced trading platform.

IqOption – 

  1. Trade Litecoin CFD and options
  2. High daily trading volume ( worth $13B – most in the world)
  3. Trade as low as $10
  4. No trading commission
  5. High leverage up to 1:300
  6. Buy Litecoin with one click
  7. Regulated and authorized.

e-toro –

  1. Support Litecoin CFD trading
  2. leverage up to 1:400
  3. Buy Litecoin with PayPal and credit card
  4. Regulated and Licensed.

* Your capital is at risk

3. Litecoin mining

Litecoin mining is another legit way to earn Litecoin. But Litecoin mining is not profitable anymore. Because there are various factors which play a decisive role to mine Litecoin and earn a profit.

Litecoin mining is a process of solving the mathematical calculations to mine Litecoin from a block. High configuration computers can perform this mathematical calculation. At first, people used graphics cards to mine Litecoin. Currently, there are devices on the market to mine the bitcoins.

You can buy devices from the Amazon.

Antminer L3 a litecoin mining device to earn Litecoin
Bitmain AntMiner L3+ ~504MH/s @ 1.6W/MH ASIC Litecoin Miner The BM1485 ASIC chip

But if you are still insisting on mining Litecoin then I can brief few basic steps required to mine Litecoin

Following are the steps mine Litecoin First you should have a high-end Bitcoin mining device, then join a mining pool and download the necessary mining software. Then after completing all necessary initial procedure, just click mining litecoin and let your device mine Litecoin for you.

Your mining device will mine bitcoins day and night for free until it got turned off. But you should have full knowledge about power usage, mining devices, device mining power before you start then only you will get profit through Litecoin mining. ( Litecoin mining realistically is not profitable anymore) But cloud ming is still very profitable and practically I have earned 50x of my investment till now. I am having a lifetime contract.

1. Genesis cloud mining

If you aren’t tech-savvy or willing to give a bit of time to getting it up and running yourself, there is another way. This is where you pay someone else to do it for you and get them to run the mining equipment on your behalf and most popular and reputed cloud mining company is Genesis mining.

Contract available on Genesis mining can be bought from here


2. Miningrigrentals

Miningrigrentals is another cloud mining company which is legit. There is almost no risk of fraud. I have been using this service for some time now and there never been an issue regarding payment or something else. They provide low-cost hashpower and contracts are profitable.

Sign up miningrigrentals

3. Eobot

Eobot is another cloud mining provider with a good reputation. Contacts are profitable and cheap. Payouts are instant. Support more than 25 cryptocurrencies for mining.

Sign up for Eobot

4. Lending Litecoin to earn Litecoin

Lending Litecoin is another legit way to earn Litecoin. You can lend Litecoin to small SMEs or entrepreneurs using the Litecoin peer-to-peer lending platform like Bitbond and BTCpop.co and can expect a return of a minimum of 20 percent.

But unfortunately, the high reward comes with high risks.

It is highly possible that you lend money to the wrong project.

So do deep research before investing your Litecoin in a project.

If you are able to choose the right project or individual than this method can return a high profit.

There are few people I know who are earning through lending money to start-ups and SMEs.

5.Litecoin Lottery, Litecoin Gambling, Litecoin Casinos, Litecoin dice, and Litecoin betting sites to earn Litecoin

I am not a big fan of Litecoin Gambling, Litecoin Lottery, Litecoin casino, Litecoin Betting, and Litecoin Dice. Because 70% of people tend to lose more than what they earn.

But it is also true that some lucky people end up making their fortunes with Gambling ( extremely rare).

For all those adventures betting freak below are the few Litecoin gambling, Litecoin lottery, Litecoin Dice, and Litecoin Betting sites which stand apart from others and are one of the best in their specific field.

There is almost no fraud case attached to these Litecoin gambling and Litecoin Betting sites

*First, keep one thing in mind before investing. Don’t invest what you can’t afford to lose. This is my humble request to you.

1. One hash

One hash is a mutual Betting platform. It offers Moon, Dice, Goals, and Slots are the few basic betting Games.

But it is much more than a basic betting website.

It allows betting on major e-sports and professional sports.

You can bet on Football, Cricket, American Football (NFL), Tennis, Basketball, Baseball, Rugby, Hockey, Swimming, Combat Sports, and Motorsports.

It also allows betting on movies and other entertainment events.

Cryptocurrencies are no exception on this site You can bet at the assume low or the high price of a cryptocurrency after a certain interval of time.

Cryptocurrencies accepted are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Zcash, Dash, Monero, and Litecoin. It is one of the Best Litecoin faucets where you can claim cryptocurrencies every 10 minutes.

It offers high leverage to investors. One hash without a doubt is the best Litecoin Gambling, best Litecoin Betting, best Litecoin Dice, and best Litecoin investment platform.

To know more in details you can watch the video below

To receive 1000 Satoshi + 100% first deposit bonus Sign up with the below link

Sign up now to receive a 100% first deposit bonus

2. Bitsler

Bitsler is one of the popular Litecoin Betting Dice game with a huge member base of more than 20 Lac.

Although it is a Litecoin Dice game still it is very popular among betting freaks.

As the sheer quantity of members suggests.

It is also a best Litecoin faucet where you can claim 150000 Litoshi if You have zero betting balance.

It is a must join Litecoin faucet and Litecoin Dice game.

It accepts 11 cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin and Ethereum

You can earn Bitcoin, earn Ethereum, earn Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash, Ethereum Classic, Zcash, Ripple coin, earn Komodo, earn Stratis, earn Burst, and earn Neo

Sign up for Bitsler


3. YoloDice –

yolo dice litecoin dice game to earn litecoin

It is a fast Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin Dice game where you can multiply your coins to increase them. The game is probably fair.

It is also an investment platform where you can invest for a long term to get a substantial profit. Whatever profit platform earns it keeps 35% commission and 65% profit is distributed among investors.

I have invested 0.2BTC on the platform and have almost received 50% of my investment.

It has a decent community base.

YoloDice is paying on time since its launch and can be rated as one of the Best Litecoin Dice, Bitcoin Dice, and Ethereum Dice game.

Sign up now

4. Crypto-games

crypto games best litecoin dice, best litecoin betting, best litecoin gambling, best litecoin faucet game

Crypto games is a Litecoin gambling and Betting site launched in 2014.

The website offers seven games – Dice, Blackjack, Slot, Roulette, Video Poker, Plinko, and Lottery. 

Ethereum crypto, Dogecoin, Bitcoin cash, Ethereum classic, Dash, Monero, Play Money, Peer coin, NEO, Stratis, and Bitcoin are the cryptocurrencies accepted.

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5. YaBtcl

YABTCL lottery game best ways to earn litecoin and also a Best Litecoin faucet

Yabtcl is a complete professional Litecoin lottery website.

There are three modes of Lottery offers by the platform Scheduled Lottery, Instant Lottery, and Free Lottery.

The interface is quite easy and it won’t take time to adapt to the platform.

It is also a best Litecoin faucet which offers 100 Satoshi every 5 minutes if your balance goes down below 0.00001 BTC.

Hence without investing a dime, you can take part in the Litecoin lottery contest.

YABTCL is online for a very long time and has been paying to its customers on time

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6. Stake

stake and gambling site to earn bitcoin. Best Litecoin faucet

The stake is another professional Litecoin gambling website pack with premium features.

Gambling and betting freaks will be amazed by the interface of the platform.

They offer 12 games and have a top of the line customer support.

They have a huge community.

I had used it before I quit betting.

Blackjack, Mines, Plinko, Wheel, Hilo, Chartbet, Roulette, Diamond poker, Litecoin Dice,  Baccarat, and Keno are the games available on the platform.

Bitcoin and Ethereum are the cryptocurrencies accepted on the platform

On top of this, It is a best Litecoin faucet, Bitcoin faucet, and Ethereum faucet So you don’t even need to invest a penny for your initial gambling adventure.

Sign up now

8. Bitvest

bitvest best Litecoin faucet, best litcoin gambling, best Litecoin betting site to earn Litecoin

Bitvest is a Litecoin gambling, Litecoin casino, Litecoin Betting, Litecoin Dice, Litecoin poker, Litecoin slot, Litecoin Plinko, Best Litecoin faucet, and a Litecoin investment platform.

Awesome interface with tons of features. These are the few platforms where I can’t resist myself to play even though, I am not a big fan of Litecoin gambling and Litecoin betting sites.

Watch the below video to learn how to play Litecoin slot at Bitvest


At Bitvest, you can Bet on all the above games or you can invest in the platform for a high return. As a player, you place bets as you normally would, and all winnings are paid out by investors.

As an investor, in exchange for paying out all winnings, you collect all the profits, minus the platform commission. I am an investment freak and I have invested 0.5 BTC on the platform till now it is turning good decision for me.


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