5 best high paying ethereum faucets earn free ethereum
(Last Updated On: July 19, 2018)

5 best high paying ethereum faucets to earn free ethereum 2018

Before getting into best high paying ethereum faucets first understand Ethereum and how does it work?


Ethereum is an open-source, public, blockchain-based distributed computing platform featuring smart contract (scripting) functionality, which facilitates online contractual agreements.

A smart contract is just a phrase used to describe computer code that can facilitate the exchange of money, content, property, shares, or anything of value.

When running on the blockchain a smart contract becomes like a self-operating computer program that automatically executes when specific conditions are met.

Like Bitcoin, Ethereum is also a distributed public blockchain network. Although there are some significant technical differences between the two, the most important distinction to note is that Bitcoin and Ethereum differ in purpose and capability.

Bitcoin offers one particular application of blockchain technology, kind of peer to peer digital cash that enables online Bitcoin payments. While the Bitcoin blockchain is used to track ownership of Bitcoin, the Ethereum blockchain focuses on running the programming code of any decentralized application.

In the Ethereum blockchain, instead of mining for bitcoin, miners work to earn Ether, a type of crypto token that fuels the network. Beyond a tradable cryptocurrency, Ether is also used by application developers to pay for transaction fees and services on the Ethereum network.

Ethereum was founded by Vitalik Buterin, a cryptocurrency researcher, and programmer

Due to the Ethereum features and its potential to change the world forever, it has caught everyone’s attention including corporations like Microsoft, Mastercard, BP, National Bank of Canada, Intel, Samsung, Toyota, Cisco, and other market giants.

In 2016 a decentralized autonomous organization called The DAO, a set of smart contracts developed on the platform, raised a record US$150 million in a crowdsale to fund the project, just to have almost a third stolen by a hacker. The event shook the online community, leading to a huge price drop.

Following the attack on the DAO in 2016, Ethereum was split into Ethereum (ETH) and Ethereum Classic (ETC). But Ethereum price is stable since then maintaining good growth rate and Ethereum classic is also able to manage its hold in cryptocurrency market as it is 14th most tradable cryptocurrency according to trading volume.

After the hard fork related to The DAO, Ethereum subsequently forked twice in the fourth quarter of 2016 to deal with other attacks hence they increased their DDos security to prevent any future hacks.

These are some specific Benefits of Ethereum blockchain

  • A third party cannot make any changes to data.
  • Apps are based on a network formed around the principle of consensus, making censorship impossible.
  • With no central point of failure and secured using cryptography, applications are well protected against hacking attacks and fraudulent activities.
  • Apps never go down and can never be switched off.

But every cryptocurrency has it’s own downside so does Ethereum.

  • Because smart contract code is written by humans, smart contracts are only as good as the people who write them. Code bugs can lead to adverse results. If a mistake in the code gets exploited, there is no efficient way in which an attack or exploitation can be stopped other than obtaining a network consensus and rewriting the underlying code.

The market cap of Ethereum has slipped at third after Bitcoin and Ripple coin at the start of 2018 $30,993,709,186 with a price of around 1050 US Dollars. But at the time of writing this article, Ethereum has regained its position as second most tradable cryptocurrency according to trading volume. Some experts even predict within 5 years Ethereum price will surpass Bitcoin. So having said that acquiring a part of Ethereum can prove to be a hefty amount.

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What are Ethereum faucets?

Ethereum faucets are one of the easiest ways to earn free Ethereum i.e. (without spending a penny). So in this section, I will mention the list of best high paying Ethereum faucets to get free Ethereum

Ethereum faucet is a website which rewards a fraction of Ethereum coin in terms of ‘Gwei’ (smallest unit of Ethereum 1 Ethereum = 10000000 gwei) for visiting their web page and solving a captcha. Ethereum faucets generally make money by publishing the ads on their website or by mining Ethereum.

It is effortless to claim from Ethereum faucets. Visit the faucet by clicking on the link of faucet enter your public Ethereum wallet address Then search the option of claiming, well before claiming there will be an option to solve the captcha. Solve that captcha and click on the claim and instantly you will receive free Ethereum in your Ethereum wallet address.

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There is a restriction on the number of times a user can claim from the Ethereum Faucets. It can be 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes etc. Each faucet allows a user to claim again after the completion of that fixed time gap.

To obtain a considerable amount of Ethereum from the list of best high paying Ethereum faucets, you have to claim from at least 3 to 5 faucets daily. If you have a busy schedule then find at least one hour to claim daily.

Consistency is the only way to earn with any cryptocurrency faucet. If you work hard enough daily from 1 hour to 4 hours you can easily earn 0.01 Ethereum to 0.2 Ethereum a month from Ethereum faucets

Which you can assume how much money you will make from Ethereum without spending a penny. At first, Your earning can look small, but if you remain consistent, you will see your earnings grow. And mind that Ethereum coin price is rising by every second and at the time of writing this article it is more than 1200 $.

All below listed 5 best high paying Ethereum faucets to get free Ethereum are legit, time-tested, and paying their members since their launch. There are no irritating popup ads with a very user-friendly interface.

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Microwallet –

Micro wallet or micropayment service is a website which accumulates your earned Cryptocurrency. It stores Ethereum and other top-rated cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin and Ripple coin in the altcoin wallet address created for each altcoin. It helps in minimizing the transactions fee paid to miners and also protect you from scam faucets.

The Ethereum faucets which use the micropayment service are instant paying and your claimed Ethereum directly go to Ethereum wallet address attached to the micropayment service.

It also displays the stats of each faucet and delisted any non-paying faucet or scam faucet. Faucethub.io and CoinPot are the best micro wallet service provider at the time of writing this post

Procedure to join Ethereum faucets – Click on the name of faucet than just enter your Ethereum wallet address and set up your password and username solve the captcha and start claiming.

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List of 5 best high paying Ethereum faucets to earn free 

Ethereum 2018


1.Allcoins faucet (allcoins.pw)

Al coins faucet best high paying ethereum faucets to get free ethereum

  • Allcoins.pw is by far the best high paying ethereum faucets to get free ethereum. Although it is newly launched faucet, its interface is amazingly clean and user-friendly.
  • It is a multi-coin faucet where you can claim 15 top cryptocurrencies every four-minute from the same platform which is paid instantly to your faucethub wallet.
  • Allcoins.PW faucets also pay the good amount of satoshi per claim.
  • There are 15 cryptocurrencies faucets on the platform (Bitcoin faucet, Litecoin faucet, Dogecoin faucet, Dash faucet, Bitcoin cash faucet, Ethereum faucet, Monero faucet, Z-Cash faucet, verge faucet, Ubiq faucet, Ethereum classic faucet, Potcoin faucet, Primecoin faucet, Peercoin faucet and Bitcoin core faucet and more are coming soon). The best part is there are no irritating pop-up ads
  • I was amazed at their interface when I first joined it. Payment is instantly paid to the faucethub account
  • There are tons of games to increase your earned amount with a weekly held ethereum lottery contest.
  • They also provide an exchange where you can exchange one cryptocurrency to another in a matter of seconds.

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  • Allcoins.PW offers 25% referral commission and daily claiming bonus if you claim at least once daily
  • It is by some distance one of the best high paying ethereum faucets to get free ethereum and a must join faucet

Join Allcoins.PW multi-coin faucet


2. SwissAdpaysEthfaucet –


SwissAdpaysEthfaucet one of the best high paying ethereum faucets to earn free ethereum


  • SwissAdpaysEthfaucet is also one of the best high paying ethereum faucets to get free ethereum.
  • This legit ethereum faucet is from the admin of SwissAdPaysfaucet which is a high paying best Bitcoin faucet
  • It allows claiming once an hour same as Freebitco.in.
  • There are no pop-up ads and interface is clean
  • You can also multiply your earning by playing Hi-Lo Dice game.
  • You can earn extra by taking part in the weekly ethereum lottery contest.
  • SwissAdpaysEthfaucet offers 35% lifetime referral commission.
  • SwissAdPaysEthfaucet is rated second on the list of 5 best high paying ethereum faucets to earn free Ethereum

Join SwissAdPaysEthfaucet

3. Multicoin faucet

Multicoin faucet one of the best high paying ethereum faucets to get free ethereum

  • Multicoin faucet is another best high paying Ethereum facets to earn free Ethereum
  • As its name suggests, Multicoin faucet is a Bitcoin as well as legit ethereum faucet
  • There are no irritating pop-up ads
  • The interface is clean and beginner friendly
  • It allows claiming every 30 minutes
  • It offers 35% lifetime referral commission and there is also weekly ethereum lottery contest
  • Multicoin faucet deservingly ranked third on the list of best high paying ethereum faucets to earn free ethereum

Sign up for Multicoin faucet

4. Ethereum Lottery


Ethereum lottery one of the legit best high paying Ethereum faucets to get free ethereum 2018

  • Ethereum Lottery is another legit Ethereum faucet to earn free ethereum
  • Ethereum lottery allows you to claim 200 gwei every 10 minutes and also offer 50% referral commission
  • There are no pop-up ads at Ethereum lottery and the interface is clean and user-friendly
  • It is paying its member since its launch without any hassle
  • There is also a ethereum lottery contest to earn some extra ethereum
  • It stands fourth on the list of best high paying ethereum faucets to get free ethereum

Sign up now

5. Ethereum-Faucet.org — Ethereum Faucet and Lottery

  • Ethereum-Faucet.org allow you to claim a minimum of 170 Gwei every 60 minutes.
  • It can be said as Ethereum version of  freebitco.in (all-time best bitcoin faucet)
  • The interface is same as of freebitco.in with no pop-up ads
  • It sends claimed amount directly to faucethub.io attached Ethereum wallet address
  • This legit ethereum faucet offers 25% lifetime referral commission and has been paying on time
  • There is also a weekly ethereum lottery contest where you have the chance to win up to 2 Ethereum.
  • It is relatively new but does make the list of best high paying Ethereum faucets to earn free ethereum

Create an account on Ethereum faucet.org

(Gwei is the smallest unit of Ethereum, 1 ethereum = 10cr gwei)

  • Although, I am not a big fan of any cryptocurrency faucet whether it is ethereum faucet or Bitcoin faucet, because it takes time to build substantial income.
  • But these above listed best high paying Ethereum faucets are must join ethereum faucets because of their intuitive and clean interface and it is not a bad idea to make some extra money in free time.
  • If you are ready to dedicate your time or want to make extra in your free time than these above mentioned 5 best high paying Ethereum faucets are for you, in fact, they are for all cryptocurrency enthusiast

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To make substantial income out of these best high paying ethereum faucets try to claim daily and get as many referrals as you can. I am still claiming from these faucets & I can assure you one thing that these are some of the few legit ethereum faucets in the cryptocurrency industry and they are paying from last 3 to 4 years consistently without any trouble.

Same as these best high paying ethereum faucets there are also some legit high paying Bitcoin faucets which I have mentioned in the below article.

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