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(Last Updated On: July 18, 2018)

7 Best coin to invest in 2018 or promising cryptocurrencies 2018

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There are more than 5000 cryptocurrencies in the world but I am going to shortlist the 7 best coin to invest in 2018 or promising cryptocurrencies 2018 according to market cap, daily trading volume, demand, future scope and value investment asset. The following 7 best coin to invest in 2018 are the ones I am sure will go up in value by 10x-100x over the next 2 years.

Here is the list of 7 best coin to invest in 2018 or promising cryptocurrencies of 2018


1. Cardano coin

Cardano coin one of 7 best coin to invest in 2018

Cardano is an open source smart contracts platform launched in 2015. Cardano is similar to Ethereum coin, with a focus on security through a layered architecture. Like Ethereum Cardano will feature the ability to create Dapps and code the smart the economy in the prevailing technological world.

It’s the first blockchain project to be created from scientific philosophy and built on a research-driven approach. Cardano is home to the Ada (an altcoin), which can be used to send and receive digital funds. This digital cash represents the future of money, making possible fast, direct transfers that are guaranteed to be secure through the use of cryptography.

Basically, Cardano is a technological platform that will be capable of running financial applications currently used every day by individual organizations and governments all around the world” that’s how Cardano is described on its website

Cardano is seventh most tradeable cryptocurrency with a market cap of $8,489,637,758 and priced around 0.3$ to 0.5$. So Cardano ranked first on the list of 7 best coin to invest in 2018. Because of its advanced blockchain technology & its acceptance by cryptocurrency world makes it one of the promising cryptocurrencies of 2018.

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2. NEO

Neo coin one of the promising cryptocurrencies of 2018 and 7 best coins to invest in 2018

NEO was founded in 2014 and is real-time open source on GitHub in June 2015. NEO also is known as Chinese Ethereum as it also supports smart contracts like Ethereum. NEO has been created to shift our traditional economy into the new era of the “Smart Economy”.

Neo works on the below-shown structure

Digital assets + Digital Identity + Smart Contracts = Smart Economy

NEO is all about creating the structure where one digital asset is easily transferable, where digital identity is impregnable and where smart contracts make the whole system works smoothly.

NEO has  $2,081,690,000.00 market cap and currently ranked at the eleventh most-tradable crypto asset. There are 100 M NEO available for supply from which 65000000 are in circulation. NEO is priced between 32$ to 40$ at the time of writing this article and it has shown impressive growth in last few months outranking top cryptocurrency like Dash, Monero, Ethereum classic.

NEO certainly has high potential because of its advanced technology and certainly is one of the most promising cryptocurrency to invest in 2018. Neo ranked second on my list of 7 best coin to invest in 2018

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3. Stellar (Lumen)

stellar lumen coin one of the promising cryptocurrencies of 2018 and 3rd on the list of 7 best coin to invest in 2018

Stellar is a platform that connects banks, payments systems, and people. Integrate to move money quickly, reliably, and at almost no cost. Stellar and Ripple xrp coin are similar to each other created with the same mission.

Its co-founder is Jed McCaleb ( founder of world first Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox and then went on to co-found Ripple). Stellar has $3,654,687,026.00 market cap (source – and eighth most tradable cryptocurrency priced around $0.15 to $0.3. Stellar has the Huge potential and certainly is one of the promising cryptocurrencies of 2018. It had shown impressive growth in 120 days as it outranked the major cryptocurrencies like DASH and Monero coin.

Hence, Stellar or Lumen coin certainly deserves its place in the list of 7 best coin to invest in 2018. If you are prepared to invest for longterm than I can assure you it will increase 2x to 5x in coming days. Buy Stellar (Lumen) using the fiat currency instantly from below given exchanges

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IOTA coin one of the best coin to invest in 2018

IOTA, which stands for Internet of Things Application, is betting on the future of connected devices, as its name implies and the coin name itself makes it one of the promising cryptocurrencies watch out for.

As the number of transactions grows over the internet due to more number of connected devices. Hence to settle transactions will require Micro and Nano payment structure.

IOTA will enable the micro and even nano-transactions due to the unique IOTA Tangle architecture. The Tangle ledger is able to settle transactions with zero fees so devices can trade exact amounts of resources on-demand, as well as store data from sensors and dataloggers securely and verified on the ledger.

IOTA uses authenticated communication channels between devices. All data which is transferred through IOTA is fully authenticated and tamper-proof — making attacks impossible.

IOTA had shown impressive growth in last few months and became ninth most tradeable cryptocurrency on altcoin trading platform with $2,911,919,310.00 market cap. IOTA price is hovering around 1$ to 1.5$ at the time of writing this post. IOTA coin ranked at 5th on the list of best coin to invest in 2018.

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5. NEM

NEM cryptocurrency one of the best coin to invest in 2018

NEM is a blockchain project that is developed to help companies and industries to improve things like payments and logistics. It’s trying to differentiate itself from other top cryptocurrencies by making its blockchain highly customizable.

This is how NEM is described on its official website

“NEM’s blockchain platform was designed and coded from the ground up for scale and speed. NEM’s permission private blockchain delivers industry-leading transaction rates for internal ledgers. And its revolutionary consensus mechanism and the Supernode program ensure that NEM’s open, public blockchain can grow without ever compromising throughput or stability”.

NEM has a market cap of  $1,585,503,000.00 (source- Bitcoinexchangestore.comand priced around 0.1$ to 0.2$. NEM is without a doubt is one of the best coins to invest in 2018 for those who are looking for future higher ROI. NEM is currently 17th most tradable cryptocurrency according to market cap and definitely one of the promising cryptocurrencies of 2018 to watch out for

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6. Binance Coin

Binance coin one of the promising cryptocurrencies of 2018

Binance coin is a native currency of Binance altcoin trading platform. As Binance exchange has grown with leap and bounds so does it’s native token BNB. BNB was an ICO launched with the launch of Binance exchange. BNB is an ERC20 token built on Ethereum.

Binance coin has a total supply of 200 M in which 50% was sold on ICO. 40% of the team and 10% to the Angel investors. Angel investors are those investors who buy the coin in bulk. Binance coin can be used to pay fees on Binance exchange. Binance exchange also offers 50% rebate to those investors which pay fess in BNB in place of BTC. In your first year of membership at Binance exchange, you will receive a 50% discount on the fee. In the second year of membership, the discount will decrease to 25% subsequently, in the fourth year of your membership in Binance exchange, there will be no fee discount. But overall you will always be in profit.

Binance coin is eighteenth most tradable cryptocurrency according to the trading volume which is quite an achievement in such a short period of time. At the time of writing this post, the market cap of BNB token is $1,608,598,014.00 and priced at $14.24 USD. which is quite awesome because it is the only promising cryptocurrency whose price is constantly increasing irrespective of the status of the market.

You can read in details about Binance coin here. Binance token ranked 6th on the list of 7 best coin to invest in 2018 and stats do authorize my claim.

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7. Ethereum classic

Ethereum classic one of the 7 best coin to invest in 2018

Ethereum Classic is an updated part of the original Ethereum blockchain. As entire Ecosystem of Ethereum blockchain run on smart contracts so does Ethereum classic. A smart contract is just a phrase used to describe computer code that can facilitate the exchange of money, content, property, shares, or anything of value.

When running on the blockchain a smart contract becomes like a self-operating computer program that automatically executes when specific conditions are met.

In 2016 a decentralized autonomous organization called The DAO, a set of smart contracts developed on the platform, raised a record US$150 million in a crowdsale to fund the project, just to have almost a third stolen by a hacker. The event shook the online community, leading to a huge price drop.

Even though hackers did steal 50$million ether but they were not able to access them because DAO smart contracts stated that if any of the invested ether token taken out of DAO. They will not be accessible up to 28 days. Following the attack on the DAO in 2016, Ethereum was split into Ethereum (ETH) and Ethereum Classic (ETC) which was first blockchain network hard fork.

Hard fork are not backward compatible it means to access your invested ether token you have to join upgraded version otherwise you will not receive any updates and won’t able to interact with upgraded system users. Hence technically to access ether coin you have to join upgraded version.

Ethereum classic is an upgraded version of Ethereum. ETC does make the list of 7 best coin to invest in 2018 because of its close proximity to Ethereum coin and it has proved this argument right till now.

Ethereum classic (ETC) has a market cap of $1,617,826,717.00 and priced at $15.24 USD, At the time of writing, this post. ETC ranked at 16th most tradeable asset and certainly one of the promising cryptocurrencies of 2018 to watch out.

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There are two other Best coins to invest in 2018 TRON coin (TRX), Tether (USDT) coin which I will discuss in an upcoming article because I don’t want to make this article super lengthy.

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