9 Best Bitcoin exchange in India to buy Bitcoin and altcoins with INR

best bitcoin exchange in India to buy bitcoin and altcoins with INR

After RBI put Bitcoin on notice. Bitcoin Exchange in India came under fire.

Many national Banks like State Bank of India (SBI), Axis Bank, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, and Yes Bank” suspended the bank accounts of Best Bitcoin exchanges in India or limited the functionality of their accounts.

It was a major shock for the crypto enthusiast and whole Indian cryptocurrency community as they were hesitating to buy Bitcoin and altcoins.

This created a Buzz in the financial market and people started to pull out of cryptocurrencies.

Resultingly, the Bitcoin price dropped to its lowest of the last 18 months.

Although the price of Bitcoin has constantly decreased since then people interest in the cryptocurrencies has increased over time.

Now Bitcoin is trading at $5000 – $5500 on best altcoin trading platforms.

The government also soften their stance against the cryptocurrencies even they have planned to launch their own regulated virtual currency till mid-2019.

Indian users are again investing in Bitcoin and other promising cryptocurrencies either as long term investment or day trading

Bitcoin exchanges are doing usual business as they used to be before February 2018.

But before buying cryptocurrencies it is very important to choose the right platform for the purpose.

Not all Bitcoin exchanges provide the same set of necessary features to buy Bitcoin and altcoins.

For this reason, I will list the best bitcoin exchanges in India. Where you can buy, sell or trade Cryptocurrencies securely with a peace of mind.

Note – Currently INR  withdrawal and deposits are banned on most bitcoin exchanges in India

9 best Bitcoin exchange in India to buy Bitcoin and altcoins with INR (Indian based)

1. Unocoin – (Unodax) updated

unodax exchange best bitcoin exchange in India to buy bitcoin and altcoins with INR


As the post suggests, Unocoin Exchange is an Indian company and only designed for Indian clients.

Unocoin was established in 2013 and based in Karnataka.

To date, they have about 560000 customers and more than 1400 million in revenue.

Unocoin exchange ranked first on the list of 9 best Bitcoin exchange in India to buy Bitcoin and altcoin with INR.

Unocoin was used to be only a Bitcoin exchange.

But now they have launched the new multi-coin trading platform called Unodax along Unocoin.

Unodax supports 22 cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum coin, Litecoin currency, Bitcoin cash, Ripple, Bitcoin Gold, Omise Go and 15 other altcoins.

Unocoin exchange as usual only supports Bitcoin.

unodax exchange best bitcoin exchange in India

The best part of Unodax is its user-friendly interface which is smooth, clean and beginner friendly.

It is effortless to acquire bitcoin and altcoins from the platform.

If you are new to the cryptocurrency world then Unodax exchange is the best Bitcoin exchange in India to make your first Bitcoin purchase.

Unodax is also a basic altcoin trading platform which facilitates altcoin trading against INR

Before buying Bitcoin and altcoin on Unodax, you have to get KYC verified.

For verification, you have to upload a scanned copy of the Aadhar card, Pan Card and bank account statement.

Unocoin will call you the next day to confirm your account details then only you will be allowed to trade on the platform.

They have retained the features like SIP (Systematic Investment Plan), OTC (Over the counter purchase and sell), and Netki address on Unocoin as well as on Unodax.

“SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) is a more conservative approach to investing in bitcoin than spending all your money on Bitcoin at once. This technique allows you to commit to a fixed INR amount on Bitcoin on a regular schedule regardless of the price. You need to fund your INR wallet and schedule the orders to start with SIP. This feature helps with financial discipline by averaging out your cost and thereby reducing risk resulting in generating better returns.” That’s how Unocoin explains SIP

Unocoin set daily, a weekly, and a monthly budget to buy Bitcoin and altcoins with INR.

They allow up to maximum 50000 INR investment at once either in daily, weekly and monthly schedule.

OTC is also a recent addition to their platform which allows Over the Counter Trading.

There is also a new feature called Netki which let the user create human-readable wallet address.

Unodax is also a web altcoin wallet where you can store your coins. But I will always suggest you store your coins in the hardware wallet.

There is no way someone can impeach the security of the hardware wallet hence your cryptocurrencies will always be safe from attackers.

For security purposes, enabling two-factor authentication is necessary.

Unocoin and Unodax both are available on the mobile device (ios and android).

You can use their app to trade on the go.


  • Ease of use, perfect for beginners.
  • Offers a variety of features like SIP, OTC, and Netki address
  • Support 21 altcoins to buy with INR along Bitcoin.
  • Security is of the high standard.
  • Has a good member base in India.
  • Mobile app (ios & android) for your mobile device
  • Simple and well-documented API for merchants.
  • Offer paper wallet


  • Customer support is pathetic (takes ever to respond)
  • Payment options are limited. No credit or debit card payment option
  • They don’t lock transaction even for a minute. If during transaction Bitcoin price changed than transaction will not occur you have to do it again from scratch.

Create your account on Unodax and make your first altcoin purchase

2. Local Bitcoinslocal bitcoins exchange one of the best bitcoin exchange in india to buy bitcoin and altcoins with INR

Local Bitcoins without a doubt is one of the popular and trusted Bitcoin exchange across the globe. Although it is a Finland based exchange.

It provides service all over the world so does in India.

It allows buying Bitcoin in India with every payment method possible including cash

Local Bitcoins exchange is (p2p) person to person transactions all over the world if we simplify it means you can directly interact with the person you are selling or buying Bitcoins

There is no selling or buying limit set by Local Bitcoins.

Local bitcoins exchange offers tons of payment methods like IMPS, NEFT, National bank transfer, Bhim, UPI, Paytm including cash.

Local Bitcoins does not require any id verification of the client to trade.

They don’t even ask for personal details of the user, except those who want to trade in large amount i.e. more than 2 Lac INR.

Transactions are instant and fast.

There is no fee for the buyer only seller have to pay a 1% fee of total trading volume.

Local Bitcoins is one of the renowned Bitcoin exchange and is ranked second on the list of Best Bitcoin exchange in India to buy Bitcoin with INR.


  • Highly respected and good reputation
  • Low transaction fees
  • Bitcoin is the only coin supported
  • No ID verification is needed.
  • There are tons of payment method to buy Bitcoin with INR using the credit card, UPI, IMPS, Cash, etc
  • In person, cash trades are fast and is well organized by Local Bitcoins


  • Some clients require ID verification to trade larger amounts.
  • In “in-person” cash deals, the speed of delivery is entirely dependent on the seller confirming payment.

Sign up now for Local Bitcoins

3. Paxful

paxful exchange best bitcoin exchange in india

Paxful is a peer-to-peer Bitcoin exchange based Wilmington, Delaware, USA and was launched in 2015.

Paxful can be said as the sister site of Local bitcoins. 

Paxful offers the most diverse range of payment methods available online ( more than 300).

Payment options include Bank transfer, credit or debit card, PayPal, UPI, NEFT, IMPS, PAYTM, Payza, Bank Deposit, MoneyGram, SkrillAmazon gift cardscash, and more.

Paxful doesn’t charge buyers a fee.

Instead, its fees come from sellers, who pay a fee equal to 1% of the total transaction amount.

There is no directly purchasing fee.

However, the buyer will be charged a fee chosen by the seller.

The fee can vary according to the payment method. For example, Paying by gift card often results in the higher fees.

Choose seller with caution because there are many negative reviews at the online forum.

Check trader rating and past trades user feedback.

Paxful also provides a public forum where you can share your experience or any concerns.

Paxful’s servers are also maintained in accordance with the highest banking specifications.

Paxful also uses Escrow service same as Local Bitcoins exchange

Escrow service decreases any probability of getting scammed.

Paxful is one of the private ways to buy Bitcoins and altcoins in India with INR


  • Transactions are fast and instant
  • More than 300 payment methods
  • Easy to use and beginner-friendly platform
  • Security is robust


  • Trade with caution
  • Slow customer support (still satisfactory)

3. Coinome

coinome multicurrency exchange best bitcoin exchange in india to buy bitcoin and altcoins with INR

Coinome cryptocurrency exchange a recent addition to the list of 9 best Bitcoin exchange in India to buy Bitcoin and altcoins with INR.

Coinome is based in Mumbai, India is incorporated with Hatio Innovations Ltd a subsidiary of Billdesk, a giant payment services brand in India.

BillDesk is the leader in driving electronic digital payment and digital commerce from last 17 years in India.

Coinome is basically a cryptocurrency trading platform and currently offers the trading of 20 mainstream cryptocurrencies with INR.

Trading pairs are available with INR, BTC, and XRP.

This is what CEO Vivek Steve Francis of Coinome exchange said during the launch of exchange “The aim is to bolster blockchain technology in India. We have had a soft launch of Coinome (β) on October 10, this year; and, after the successful run of β-Coinome, we have now officially launched Coinome exchange. Currently, offering the trading of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, the plan is to launch five-six more leading cryptocurrencies by next month.”

Coinome allows users to onboard via an instant e-KYC process.

Under the process, a user needs to add mobile no, a valid email id, and aadhar card.

If you do not have any Indian Mobile number and aadhar card than you should look for another best Bitcoin exchange in India.

The user has to link his/her bank account in order to deposit money in your Coinome account.

Online payment transfer, Netbanking, Credit & debit card are the option to deposit money.

Deposit and withdrawal of funds usually instant and fast.

To buy Bitcoin and altcoin with INR user have to place the specific trade request for each cryptocurrency.

Same can be done for selling cryptocurrencies. The transaction is instant and fast.

Coinome follows a maker-taker fee model.

 Maker is the user who places a limit order request that sits on the open exchange book.

“Taker” is the user who places a market order request that matches or crosses an order already on the book.

The fee varies 0.1% to 0.3%. It is relatively low comparing other best Bitcoin exchanges in India.

Withdrawals and deposits of INR cost 0.1% of the amount.

The interface is easy to use and beginner friendly. Coinome has also launched a mobile app.

Coinome offers the trading value as low as $1.546 (this is about 100 INR) and support trade up to eight decimals.


  • Launched by a subsidiary of BillDsek which is highly trusted online payment system in India
  • Transactions are instant and fast
  • Security is of the high standard
  • The interface is easy to use and beginner friendly
  • The trading fee is relatively low
  • Offers the Coinome mobile app


  • Can’t buy Bitcoin and altcoins with a credit card directly
  • Customer support takes time to respond

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4.Zeb pay (Officially closed)¡

zebpay exchange best bitcoin exchange in India to buy bitcoin and altcoins with INR

¡Update  ZebPAY officially closed

Note – (I always suggest using hardware wallet to store your coins. An Online exchange is never been a credible place to store your coins)

5. CoinDelta

coindelta best bitcoin exchange in India to buy, sell and trade Bitcoin and altcoins with INR 2018


Coindelta is another new multicurrency exchange launched in 2017 in Pune India by Rajdeep Singh, Shubham Yadav, and Manish K.

CoinDelta is one of the pure altcoin trading platforms in India.

It offers 24 cryptocurrencies to trade against INR and Bitcoin.

You can add funds via IMPS or national bank transfer then can buy Bitcoin and altcoins with INR.

There is no depositing fee.

You can also deposit cryptocurrency supported on the platform to start trading.

CoinDelta offers maker-taker fee, model. Where Maker is denoted as the party who placed an order before any trade occurs between two parties. Taker is a user who placed order matching the maker order and complete the order placed by Maker. So taker can be denoted as the party which fills or execute the order.

Taker-Maker fee model maintains liquidity on the platform, the maker is charged with 0% fee.

But if an order get executed than taker will be charged 0.3% as the trading fee

Coindelta exchange customer support is available 24/7.

The security of the exchange is up to the mark.

The interface is easy to navigate.

CoinDelta ranked sixth on the list of best bitcoin exchange in India to buy Bitcoin and altcoins with INR.


  • Decent amount of altcoins available to trade
  • There is no trading fee for makers
  • No crypto depositing fee
  • Does allow to buy Bitcoin and altcoins with INR
  • No security issue till now
  • User-friendly interface


  • Relatively new

6. Koinex

koinex one of the best bitcoin exchange in india to buy bitcoin and altcoins with inr 2018

Koinex is one of the best Bitcoin exchange in India was launched in June 2017.

It was launched by a group of cryptocurrency professionals who wants a specialized altcoin trading platform in India.

The founders include Rahul Raj(IIT Kharagpur), Rakesh Yadav(IIT Delhi), Aditya Naik(BITS Pilani).

Koinex was an instant hit and Cryptocurrency enthusiast in India welcomed it with open hands.

Koinex allows buying Bitcoin and altcoins with INR (INR withdrawal and deposits are disabled currently).

Koinex currently supports 31 altcoins.

On top of this, they are rigorously adding new cryptocurrencies.

Along INR, Koinex allows trading against Ethereum crypto, Bitcoin crypto, Ripple coin.

The interface is intuitive, and it will be a smooth ride even for new crypto traders.

Account verification is compulsory before initiating a trade.

You need to upload a scanned copy of the Aadhar Card, address proof, and Pan Card.

You also need to add your bank account. KYC verification will take about 2 days and then you are ready to go.

koinex best bitcoin exchange in india to buy bitcoin and altcoins with INR

There are various payment methods to add funds like net banking and a lot of third-party apps like Paytm, Payza, Mobikwik, Jio recharge, Airtel money, and OLA money.

Koinex charges 0.15% trading fee both from buyer and seller.

Security of the cryptocurrency exchange is formidable and the platform is D-Dos integrated along with 2-factor authentication.

Customer support is not up to the mark.

Koinex ranked sixth on the list of 9 best Bitcoin exchange in India to buy Bitcoin and altcoins with INR.


  • Decent range of altcoins offered
  • Platform interface is easy to use and beginner-friendly
  • Multiple payment methods to add fiat money (currently disabled)
  • 0.15% fix trading fee


  • Customer support is not up to the mark

7. BuyUcoin

buyucoin best bitcoin exchange in India to buy bitcoin and altcoins with INR

BuyUcoin is the first Bitcoin exchange in India which allowed buying Bitcoin and altcoins with the credit card. (but disabled currently).

BuyUcoin was launched in the Year 2016 and is based in Delhi.

Its founders are Atulya Bhatt, Devesh Agrawal, and Shivam Thakral.

BuyUcoin was the first India based pure altcoin trading platform.

BuyUcoin offers Bitcoin and 30 other altcoins to trade including Ethereum, Ripple xrp coin, Neo, NEM, Ethereum classic, Bitcoin cash, and other major altcoins

The exchange also allows Instant deposit and withdrawal of INR and supported cryptocurrencies. (Direct INR deposits and withdrawal are disabled currently)

BuyUcoin offers multiple payment methods like credit & debit card, IMPS, National bank transfer for instant deposit and withdrawal for INR.

It has more than 200k registered users and support is available 24/7.

It also provides cold storage wallet to store cryptocurrencies

BuyUcoin stands at 7th on the list of 9 best bitcoin exchange in India to buy Bitcoin and altcoins with INR.



  • Buying and selling price of cryptocurrencies differ a lot

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8. Coinswitch

Coinswitch exchange - best Bitcoin exchanges in India to buy,sell and trade Bitcoins in India

Coinswitch is Bangalore based Bitcoin exchange founded in 2017 by Ashish Singhal, Govind Soni, and Vimal Sagar Tiwari.

It is an Instant cryptocurrency exchange like changelly.

It differs a little in the respect that it provides the best exchange rate on the transaction by aggregating all leading exchange including changelly, shapeshift, Bittrex, and 3 more comparing their rates in real time.

Coinswitch offers more than 275 altcoins to exchange one cryptocurrency with another.

There is more than 4500 trading pair available on the exchange.

CoinSwitch charges 0% to 0.75% fee depending on the cryptocurrency exchange you choose for the transaction.

Coinswitch doesn’t have any buying limit to buy Bitcoin and altcoins with INR using the credit card.

Coinswitch partnered with Bittrex, Cryptopia, Kucoin, Changer, changelly, and shapeshift.io

Coinswith ranked last on the list of 9 best Bitcoin exchange in India to buy Bitcoin and altcoins with INR


  • There are more than 275 cryptocurrencies available for trade
  • More than 6000 trading pairs available for trade
  • It provides the best exchange rate possible by comparing six trusted crypto exchange real-time rates.


  • The fee is dependent on the exchange you choose hence it is not static and varies
  • Not a proper Bitcoin exchange it acts as an intermediary between a user and six other cryptocurrency exchange.

Sign up for Coinswitch

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