This post is about best places to buy Bitcoins online in India as well as worldwide. I have given my best efforts to mentioned all the legit sites where you can buy or sell Bitcoins without any hassle and with a peace of mind.

Bitcoin and other altcoins are at their boom now. And future of Bitcoins looks very bright, right now Bitcoin is priced at 5500$ and it is touching new heights. According to experts, Bitcoin price will be near about 6500$ at the starting of 2018 and it will skyrocket to 50000$ till 2030.

So at its boom, even a piece of Bitcoin looks intuitive. And investing in Bitcoins can prove to be a wise decision.

I can assure you one thing that the price of Bitcoin will keep on increasing because Bitcoins was innovated in such a way that only 21 million Bitcoins can be mined and around 17 million Bitcoins have been mined so far. So even a fraction of Bitcoin is a gem.

So when it come’s to buy Bitcoin there are few sites I will recommend. I have mentioned below best places to buy Bitcoins.

To buy and store Bitcoins first you need to create Bitcoin wallet address which is like your Bank account number where you store your money and same is followed for Bitcoin where you need wallet address to store Bitcoins

For creating wallet address read this post.

Bitcoin wallet address – Best Bitcoin wallet 2017


I have listed websites according to their popularity and ease of use.

so here are best places to buy Bitcoins online worldwide.


1.UNOCOIN (most recommended for Indians) – Unocoin is one of the best places to buy Bitcoins online especially in India.

What I like about them ease of use of their interface and it is very easy to buy or sell Bitcoins here.

They are consistently adding new features to make it more buyer friendly.


10 best places to buy bitcoins online , Unocoin exchange and wallet



Before buying you have to get your account verified and have to submit your documents with a scanned copy of bank details.  Then you will receive a call from them within 24 hours to confirm verification.

After getting verified you can buy Bitcoins from here with online banking and by Pay U Money.

Their user-friendly helps to buy & sell Bitcoins in minutes.

They send Bitcoins instantly to your wallet address.

If you are an Indian this is one of the best places to buy Bitcoins.

But if you wish to sell Bitcoins than their price variation is very large. So I won’t recommend selling your Bitcoins on Unocoin exchange.

They also have their app on android and on ios, so you can buy or sell bitcoins on the go.


NOTE- Get 200 INR worth Bitcoins free if you sign up using this link.


 2.COIN SECURE– CoinSeure fall at the second on my list of best places to buy Bitcoins online worldwide. This exchange is specifically made for Indians.

This is another popular website to buy or sell Bitcoins Unlike Unocoin it is a Bitcoin exchange site. You can also trade in Bitcoins here.

Here, like Unocoin you have to get verified by submitting a scanned copy of national id and address proof.

They also provide two-factor authentication.

After getting your account verified you can buy or sell as well as trade in bitcoins. They also have their Android app which you can use for buying or trading on the go.

Their interface is not very user-friendly but you will get used to it within minutes.

They also have their Android app which you can use for buying or trading on the go.

The most important thing about the Coinsecure exchange they hold transactions. So at whatever price you bought Bitcoins, it will instantly be sent to your wallet address. A sudden change of Bitcoin price doesn’t affect your transaction.

The price variation of buying and selling Bitcoins is not much here. Unlike Unocoin it is more profitable to sell your coins at the Coinsecure exchange.

I recommend Coinsecure to buy as well sell Bitcoins if you are an Indian.


Get o.oo1 BTC bonus if you sign up using above link.

3. ZEBPAY – If you want to buy, sell or trade on your mobile device than Zeb pay is for you. It is basically developed for mobile and it is an app – only ecosystem to buy or sell Bitcoin. (only for Indians)zebpay wallet, zebpay exchange 10 best places to buy bitcoins online

Their interface is very user-friendly and very easy to use. You will get it in minutes.

You just have to download their app, and getting register will take no time.

After registering yourself you have to undergo a verification which only takes your pan card to get uploaded and then you are ready to go.

Once you will enter their dashboard you will see continuous activities of other members of Zeb pay which is unique and useful as you will get to know extra features of the app from other member activities.

Buying Bitcoins on Zebpay wallet will take no more than 5 minutes.

There are some other features in Zeb pay like you can buy vouchers for stores like Amazon, Snapdeal, McDonald’s, PizzaHut etc. Zeb pay is also used for shopping & you can also recharge your mobile, DTH using Bitcoin.

You can download their app for Android as well as for ios.


DOWNLOAD iOS APP click here

NOTE – Although Zeb pay can be more friendly for mobile users.

I won’t recommend Zeb pay over other wallets because their security is weak, and it takes forever to receive Bitcoins in your wallet.

You can download other wallet apps if you are a frequent mobile user.

 4. COINMAMA –  COINMAMA is also one of the best places to buy Bitcoins online worldwide including India. It is veteran Bitcoin exchange.


best bitcoin exchange , coin mama exchange 10 best places to buy bitcoins online

With Coinmama, one can buy Bitcoins anywhere in the world. You can simply buy Bitcoins using your credit or debit card as well as using cash.

It is very reliable and trusted exchange.

It is also one of the rare places who facilitates to buy or sell Bitcoins using cash.

Here if you buy Bitcoins less than worth 150$ then you don’t need to verify your account.

So it makes easier for them who want to buy in small amount.

If you buy more than 150$ worth Bitcoins you have to get verified by submitting your national id.

You will instantly receive your bought coins in your Bitcoin wallet address.

This is one of the recommended and best places to buy Bitcoins online.



10 best places to buy bitcoins online, local bitcoins exchange, best bitcoin exchange5.LOCAL BITCOINSIf you want to buy Bitcoins using cash than Local Bitcoins is for you. Local Bitcoins is one of the only websites who allow to buy or sell Bitcoins using cash. Local Bitcoins is available worldwide and one of the best places to buy bitcoins online.

It is a person to person exchange where you can buy or sell Bitcoins after contacting buyer or seller on exchange via cash or online.

In payment methods, you can find people who wish to sell his Bitcoins using cash or online.

You can buy Bitcoins using Paypal which gives the buyer more payment options to buy bitcoins.


NOTE- It can be profitable to sell here if you found a right customer who wishes to buy Bitcoins at a higher price.

6.  CEX.IO – 

Cex.io exchange is one of the oldest Bitcoin exchanges and was established in the year 2013. It is a company based in London and one of the best places to Buy Bitcoins online. CEX.IO exchange 10 best places to buy bitcoins online

The thing I like about CEX.IO that it is very transparent they will let you know how much you will pay even before signup. They let you buy Bitcoin and other decentralized currencies.

The currency they accept is Euros, Pound, US dollar, Russian rubles and other altcoins.

They let you buy 500$ a day of bitcoins if you are not verified.

If you have verified account you can buy 100000$ worth of bitcoins per day, there is also a ‘verified plus and Corporate account’ you can buy an unlimited amount of Bitcoins per day.

They accept payments via credit card, bank wire transfer.

CEX.io uses fill-or-kill orders (FOK) method means if you bought 2 Bitcoins at some price. Then you can sell those Bitcoins at the same price you bought.

Their customer support is top notch.

CEX.IO is available in most countries worldwide including India.

Their member base is huge and so their daily trading volume so it proves the legitimacy of exchange.



7. BITMEX EXCHANGE –  bitmex exchange 10 best places to buy bitcoins online

Bitmex is the leading Bitcoin margin trading site and one of the best places to buy Bitcoins online.

Bitmex is based in the Republic of Seychelles.

It offers one of the most advanced trading platforms but users can buy Bitcoins and other altcoins using a credit card & debit card.

Users can buy Bitcoins via USD, Yen or exchange with Monero, Ripple, Dash, Ethereum, and other altcoins.

It has very robust security.

BitMex is the first exchange to launch a perpetual, leveraged swap contract.

This means that you do not need to worry about rolling your position at a fixed point in the future since there is no expiry. It is analogous to having a position in the underlying spot market, but with the leverage that only BitMEX provide.

BitMEX runs a first-of-its-kind multi-signature deposit and withdrawal scheme. All BitMEX addresses are multi-signature, and can only be accessed by a majority of BitMEX partners.

Even in the event of a full system compromise, including web servers, trading engine, and database, there would not be enough keys available to an attacker to steal funds.

Granted that this platform is for experienced and seasoned traders. Beginners should gain sufficient trading experience before trading.


 8. PAYZA – Payza is one of the most widely used payment gateway worldwide especially in India.

Recently Payza has added this new feature to buy Bitcoin, Litecoin, and other altcoins. Payza falls at the eighth on my list of best places to buy bitcoins online.

payza,10 best places to buy bitcoins online


You can buy Bitcoins with credit & debit card, bank transfer, online banking, bank wire transfer and by exchange of US Dollar or Indian rupees to Bitcoin.

Payza doesn’t facilitate option to sell Bitcoins on its platform.


 9.  SHAPESHIFT ShapeShift is a very reputed Bitcoin exchange from where you can buy Bitcoins using Litecoins, Dogecoin, altcoins and many other digital tokens.

ShapeShift is almost available in every country. shape shift exchange 10 best places to buy bitcoins online

It is a proper Bitcoin exchange where you can exchange your altcoins with Bitcoins.

Exchanges of altcoins here are very fast because ShapeShift never hold your tokens it just exchanges them. So it is the easiest & fastest way to buy Bitcoins.

It is very trusted and secure.




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