As you all know Bitcoin price is skyrocketing and touching new heights. When it’s come to trade, buy & sell Bitcoins that’s where Bitcoin exchanges play their part. Bitcoin exchanges is a platform where users have to invest money. Thus a primary user wants a legit, transparent and secure platform to invest. Therefore this post is all about Best Bitcoin exchanges India where one can safely invest money with a peace of mind.

All exchanges in this article are Indian born and are specifically for Indians to trade, sell & buy Bitcoins.

All exchanges I mentioned below are legit and secure, so you don’t need to worry about a thing before investing your hard-earned money.

I have also explained about Bitcoins exchanges worldwide to buy, sell or trade altcoins in one of my posts  ”Best Bitcoin exchanges worldwide 2017.”

Indians can also trade, purchase & sell Bitcoin from best ‘Bitcoin exchanges worldwide 2017’. The only difference is the exchanges in this post are Indian born, and in the later all exchanges are foreign-based.

So here is my list of best Bitcoin exchanges India.

UNOCOIN – As the post suggests, Unocoin Exchange is an Indian company and only designed for Indian clients.

Unocoin was established in 2013 and based in Karnataka. To date, they have about 160000 customers and more than 400 million in revenue. Therefore falls into first place in my list best Bitcoin exchanges India.


unocoin exchange ,3 best bitcoin exchanges india


Through Unocoin exchange you can only buy or sell bitcoins, so it is not a multi-coin exchange, till now it has Bitcoin as the only coin to sell or buy.

Unocoin is also an online wallet you can create your Bitcoin wallet address or paper wallet address through it and can send or receive bitcoins from your Bitcoin wallet. You can also store your bitcoins in it.

What I like most about Bitcoin ? is its user-friendly interface. It is quite easy to buy or sell bitcoins on Unocoin even for beginners.

Payment method accepted on Unocoin are online banking and Pay U money.

Before buying bitcoins from Unocoin, you have to get your account verified.

For verification, you need to submit your id card, pan card, bank account details, and address proof. After sending the documents, Unocoin will call you next day for confirming verification.

For security purposes, they offer two-factor authentication.

You have to attach your mobile phone number to your account to enable two-factor authentication.

Unocoin Exchange is also available for the mobile device (ios and android). You can download their app to use on mobile. Unocoin has a straightforward interface, and they are consistently adding new features to it.

They also offer well documented and simple API for developers or for merchants to integrate.

Overall Unocoin Exchange is ideal for Indian clients regarding ease of use, transparency, security or in customer support. These are the factors which make it first on my list of best Bitcoin exchanges India.



.Ease of use, perfect for beginners.

.Payment methods available are online banking and Pay U Money.

.Security is of a high standard.

.Customer support is good.

.Has good member base in India.

.Mobile app (ios & android) for your mobile device

.Simple and well-documented API for merchants.


.Only available in India

.Bitcoin is the only coin to buy or trade.

.Pay U Money wallet has very less limit to buy bitcoins

.They don’t lock transaction even for a minute If during transaction Bitcoin price changed than transaction will not occur you have to do it again from scratch.


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Zeb Pay exchange comes at second in my list best Bitcoin exchanges India. You need to download the application to buy or trade the Bitcoin because Zeb pay does not support without an app.

zebpay exchange ,3 best bitcoin exchanges india

This company located in Ahmedabad (India). It was the first bitcoin wallet app developed in India. It is available for both android and ios.

Zebpay has a straightforward interface, and it is effortless to buy Bitcoin from this exchange. For verification, you just have to submit your pan card.

Payment methods accepted by wallet is online banking, Credit & debit card

Bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency you can trade. Maximum limit to buy Bitcoins is only 50000 INR. Thus it has its limitations.

Zebpay can also be used to create  Bitcoin wallet address.

Zeb Pay is not for those who deal with a large amount. It is a mobile wallet which you can use for day to day small transactions.


.First Bitcoin wallet app (android & ios) developed in India.

.Interface is very simple.

.Verification is not very intensive. Only submit pan card to get verified.


.Transferring from bank account to Zeb pay wallet takes forever, It is frustrating.

.Can’t place any auto buy or sell orders based on cut-off prices.

.Security is weaker than Unocoin. There is no two-factor authentication.





Coin secure exchange is a trading platform in India with open ledgers.     3 Best Bitcoin exchanges india coinsecure exchange

It is a real trading site, Unlike Unocoin Bitcoin wallet or Zebpay wallet which is only online Bitcoin wallet. Coin Secure offers automated Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals.

It is true Bitcoin Exchange network and is in third on my list of best Bitcoin exchange India.

The platform is a member of NASSCOM and is ISO 9001:9008 complaint. Coin Secure was founded in the year 2014 and launched at the starting of 2015. It is based in New Delhi.

Before buying bitcoins, you have to get verified by submitting your all personal documents along with your bank account scanned copy.

What I most like about Coinsecure is that the spread of money is only 1000 to 2000 INR, which is much better than Unocoin and Zeb pay wallet. Transaction fees are 0.3% of the total sale.

It is fast real-time Bitcoin exchange (first in India) and first Bitcoin exchange which can let you trade in Indian Rupees.

The coinsecure exchange also uses robust technologies to provide you fast and easy to use trading platform.

Coinsecure uses a hybrid wallet, where a part of your funds are stored in the cold wallet, and a small percentage of funds are saved in the hot wallet which you can withdraw anytime.

It is a transparent platform that offers full information on buying, selling, and other trading activities live on their website.

The coinsecure exchange also has their Android app which you can use as a trading platform on the go. Hence, if you are looking for real Indian Bitcoin exchange website than this is one of the best Bitcoin exchanges India.

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NOTE – If you wish to sell your Bitcoins in India than Coinsecure exchange is the best option because price variation is less compared to other exchanges.



.1st Bitcoin exchange in India which provides easy to use trading platform.

.Transactions are fast

.Transaction fees is small only 0.3% of the total transaction.

.Also have their Android app which clients can use for trading on the go

.There are other altcoins along with bitcoin to trade.


.Payments options are less.

.There fewer altcoins to trade.

.Dont have ios mobile app

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